Classroom Activity: Blogging as a step in the Research Process

This activity would explore the use of blogs as a step in the Research/Writing Process.

It would also introduce students to the technology and facilitate learning in how to use it correctly.

Students could find their sources, review them, and write their findings on the blog. This would help them to get feedback from their peers as to the crediblility of the sources as well as how they can be used. They also would end up with a type of working outline that they could move around that included links to the various sources of information that they choose to use in their research paper. The inquiry question could be their topic of research, and their conclusion would be the research paper itself. It would give a chance for the teacher to keep up with the students progress throughout the process of writing their papers as well as give other students a chance to see what their peers are doing and get an idea, or help steer their peers in the right direction. I think that this activity shows a realistic and exciting application of technology to a process that normally seems difficult and drawn out for high school students. By putting all of their research in one place, they will be able to keep track of where they are and write a more coherent paper.


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