Scholarly Article: Podcasting and Performativity/Classroom Activity: Creating “Grammar Casts” to Teach Mini-Lessons and to be Used as a Resource

Review of : Podcasting and Performativity: Multimodal Invention in an Advanced Writing Class
By Jones, Leigh A.
For Composition Studies; Fall2010, Vol. 38 Issue 2, p75-91

One thing that I see emphasized in classes that I take as well as on many of the teacher blogs or in teacher books about writing, is the use of multimedia or multigenre in a writing class. This article focuses on using Podcasting as a way for students to create original work and perform without the pressures of a live audience. This particular instructor used the Podcasts as a part of the writing process as I did the blog format in one of my classroom activities. I can see how Podcasts would be a great genre for students to use in a research paper. I am really interested in the possibility of using Podcasts in this way because of the result of community that Jones found developed immediately through the Podcast project. She claims to have seen a classroom community with worthwhile workshops and good feedback develop from the use of these Podcasts. Also, this allows students to explore writing a script for a Podcast in different rhetorical voices, or for different audiences; both of which are important skills that seem to be better explained through performance

I think that Podcasts could be very useful to assign along with the Grammar Wiki-Space.

What if…

My students not only created a quick reference guide, but recorded themselves giving Grammar Mini-Lessons that could be listened to or read for a more in-depth explanation?

This assignment sounds like a great integration of content and two types of technology that will enhance the learning of my students as well as create an excellent resource for them to refer to from then on.

Podcasts are not as scary as they might sound, see this video “Podcasting – Plain English”

A great example of this type of Grammar reference Podcast would be Grammar Girl’s site: Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. Listen to this example on the “controversial” use of the word FUN as an adjective.


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