Teacher-Friendly Text: Technology Integration for Meaningful Classroom Use/Classroom Activity: Collection for Class Text

Technology Integration for Meaningful Classroom Use:

A Standards-Based Approach

Front Cover

In going along with the topic brought up by this blogger and commented on in this entry, I found a book that directly addresses using technology in the classroom in a MEANINGFUL way. On page 316, there is a chart with a list of activities that incorporate technology meaningfully and are applicable to the ELA classroom.

One that stuck out to me the most was listed under “Communication and Collaboration” this particular activity focused on using technology and writing along with a novel study! This type of thing always interests me because of the sheer volume of things to cover in a classroom. If an activity incorporates writing, technology, collaboration, AND a novel study, it’s golden. This activity allows for students to create blogs, brochures, websites, newspaper articles, etc. all about the novel that they are reading as a class or issues discussed in the novel. This could be a great practice in writing for different genres or audiences.

For example, one student in a classroom studying The Great Gatsby might create a pamphlet on the “dangers” of alcohol consumption because of the time of prohibition.


Students could view a clip from the feature film Water for Elephants that depicts a raid on a speakeasy.

After viewing the clip, have students write the scene from the perspective of one of the characters. It can be one of the main characters (many students may have read the novel), or from the perspective of a band member, police officer, or another person enjoying their evening in the speakeasy.


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