Conclusion to Inquiry Question

I really enjoyed this research project.

I loved finding examples of teachers who love English/Language Arts and are making it relevant for today’s students.

They are inspiration to me to continue to learn and keep literate in technology so that I can incorporate it into my classroom and encourage my students.

The most important points that I come away from this with are:

1) MULTIPLE LITERACIES: There is SO much to be taught and it is a very daunting pile of lessons that I see in my future, but if I incorporate many different literacies into my assignments, I have the opportunity to teach my students more important pieces in less time. This opens so many doors for more instruction and more well-rounded students who know how to make their writing relevant.

2) COLLABORATION: Web 2.0 and its applications encourage interaction and collaboration above all else. This culture needs to be brought into the classroom so that our students learn how to work with others in an effective way and be better prepared for workplaces where collaboration is key. This also gives students a better opportunity than ever to learn about their peers and see things from others perspectives.

3) KEEP LEARNING: As well all know, technology changes every day. If I am to be a teacher who keeps her subject relevant through relating it to today’s world and applications, I am going to have to constantly stay up-to-date on research and new technology and learn along with my students.


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